Translation and Interpretation Service in Harrisburg Area

Published July 28, 2016

To request translate translation and intrepetation service electronically, start here.

The International Service Center (ISC), a multicultural social service organization was established in 1976 to promote, support and implement cultural, educational, social and economic programs to serve refugees and immigrants regardless of their ethnic background and national origin.

Since 2001, the ISC has been operating a Language Bank to enable service providers who are the direct or indirect recipients of government funds to comply with the anti-discrimination law of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as well as meeting the language accessibility requirement of Presidential Executive Order 13166. By relying on the translation and interpretation services offered by the ISC’s Language Bank, service providers can ensure effective communication with Limited-English- Proficient (LEP) clients in a linguistically appropriate, culturally responsive, and socially acceptable fashion.

The ISC’s Language Bank is a translation and interpretation fee-for- service available in more than 30 predominant languages spoken by refugees and immigrants, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

The features, advantages and benefits of the ISC’s Language Bank include:

  1. Interpretation services are provided by qualified interpreters consisting of ISC’s permanent staff and over 200 “on call” consultants who have taken the required Client Confidentiality Protection Oath and Police’s Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearances.
  2. ISC’s interpreters are experienced professionals and dedicated community workers. They can easily establish the desired trust relationship with clients to facilitate the interpretation process.
  3. The ISC’ss interpretation fees-for- service are reasonable compared to those charged by commercial language interpretation companies.
  4. Incomes generated through those fees-for- service will be reinvested in the ISC’s social service programs to serve the disadvantaged and underprivileged people in our community.

ISC’s Language Bank services include: over-the- phone or direct interpretation provided by culturally competent interpreters in all informal, professional, social, medical, legal and educational settings. Except for emergency situations, we recommend that interpretation requests be made at least 3 days in advance and translation requests at least 1 week in advance. Translation rates quotation will be given following a review of the material to be translated. Interpretation rates vary depending on the complexity, location and duration of the assignment. For additional information, please contact our Language Bank Coordinator, Ms. Hang at (717) 236-1523, email:, or our Program Manager, Mr. Tuan at (717) 236-9401, email:

To request translation and intrepetation service electronically, start here. You may also download the form, fill out the requested information, and email this form to or fax to (717) 236-3821.

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