About Us


  1. To promote, support and implement educational, cultural, social, and economic programs to serve the disadvantaged and underprivileged people, to enable them to become self supporting and productive members of our pluralistic society.
  2. To foster the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual assistance among people of different cultural and language backgrounds.


Our Philosophy and Value

To effectively carry-out our mission of helping the disadvantaged and underprivileged people of the world, those of us who are involved in this worthwhile effort must sincerely adhere to some basic values. At the organizational level, both management and line staff need to believe in the following FIVE ideals.

The First Ideal is COMPASSION. The ISC is following a humanitarian policy aimed at fostering progress and general welfare for the disadvantaged people. As community servants, we are performing a vital service to advance and promote the quality of life for all needy people. We must never forget the true measure of performance in social service work: “Today, how much suffering have we helped to relieve?”

The Second Ideal is INDUSTRIOUSNESS. Adaptation to the ISC’s standards, and striving for excellence are encouraged at all levels. We must do our best at tasks about which we are knowledgeable; to seek learning and training for professional improvement, to build character and to think through on ISC’s problems and issues. We must believe that the best way to fulfill our duties and responsibilities is through working “by the task and not by the clock”.

The Third Ideal is CIVILITY. Harmony, courtesy and cooperation are to be emphasized in daily social as well as professional relationships, to maintain and promote a gentler and kinder work environment. Conflicts and differences are to be constructively and effectively resolved by using culturally-sensitive problem-solving techniques, such as the “acceptance time” approach.

The Fourth Ideal is LOYALTY. We must be grateful to the ISC for giving us a cause to serve in addition to a career opportunity. Loyalty by deeds from the heart and the mind of the staff is to be matched by the gratitude and sensitivity on the part of the manager. Every employee is to be considered as a source of ideas, productivity and quality.

The Fifth Ideal is RIGHTEOUSNESS. Fairness in judging and rewarding performance must be the primary goal of management. This ethical standard is to be applied in a just and equitable manner. It places a high premium on trust and honesty between all members. Management must consistently demonstrate its reliance on wisdom and sound judgement to carry out its mandate. The main way of controlling and guiding the work of the staff is to be through implicit control mechanisms, based on the respect and understanding of the core values of the ISC.

At the professional level, every caretaker needs to adopt the following Ten Commitments of a Social Worker:

As ADVOCATE, we must assist the clients in defending their rights as clients and as citizens.

As BROKER, we must bring clients and services together at the clients’ level, including making introductions, communicating, and initiating appropriate referrals.

As CATALYST, we must bring clients’ problems to the attention of relevant authorities, so that they initiate actions which lead to changes for clients.

As EMPATHIZER, we must accept the clients’ culture and try to understand if not to appreciate the social context within which the clients function.

As ENABLER, we must help the clients adjust to the changing conditions in our community and promote their economic, social and emotional independence.

As FACILITATOR, we must make the clients’ interaction with the community support system work more easily.

As HELPER, we must directly assist the clients in addressing their material needs and alleviate their emotional problems.

As LINKER, we must build bridges where there are gaps, between clients, between clients and service providers, and between service providers.

As MONITOR, we must follow up to ensure that clients and service providers are doing what they have agreed to do.

As SUPPORTER, we must show caring to the clients and confidence in the clients’ ability to take more responsibility for their life.

Finally, at the personal level, every helper needs to follow the Ten Resolutions of a Community Servant:

People may be unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.

Love them anyway.

If you do good, your colleagues may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.

Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies.

Succeed anyway.

The outstanding performance you achieve today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Achieve anyway.

The mistakes you make in experimenting new ideas may be remembered forever.

Experiment anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.

Build anyway.

People favor underdogs but may follow only top dogs.

Run the extra mile for the underdogs anyway.

Honesty and compassion may make you vulnerable.

Be honest and compassionate anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you help them.

Help them anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and you may get kicked in the teeth.

Give the world the best you have got, anyway.