A summary of some relevant experiences of the ISC in the delivery of social services follows:

In November 1976, the “Spirit of Vietnam”, a charitable organization was born out of the idealistic vision of a group of like-minded people to provide essential services and needed opportunities to the Vietnamese refugees in the Central Region of Pennsylvania.

In 1978, responding to the needs of the growing Southeast Asian population, the “Spirit of Vietnam” with the support of the Carlisle Presbytery, expanded to become the “Indochinese Service Center.”

In January 1986, the “Indochinese Service Center,” which has matured into a multi-cultural social service agency serving all disadvantaged people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and national origins, changed its name to the International Service Center (ISC) to reflect the full extent of its inclusive mission.

Since then, thanks to the dedication of its staff and volunteers, the ISC has been benefiting of an increasingly broader base of support from both the public and private sector, including County government agencies, foundations, corporations, and the United Way of the Capital Region.

To respond to the emerging needs in the community, the ISC has occasionally secured performance-based contracts from State and Federal government agencies to provide special services to specific client populations.

Incomes generated by the staff through consultations, lectures, and technical assistance honoraria have often significantly enhanced the overall operating budget of the ISC.

The ISC relies heavily on the support of volunteers from all sectors. Committed volunteers have been closely involved with the ISC in the provision of food, shelter, and other vital services to the needy.

Executive Director: Truong Ngoc Phuong’s Past Community Services

Brief history of the ISC: