Visiting Us

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Take I-283 toward Harrisburg. Exit at Harrisburg-Capitol Exit.

Take I-83 South toward downtown Harrisburg .

Get off at Exit #43, you will be on 2nd Street, which is a one-way street, so you can stay on the left.

Go past 3 very short traffic lights. You will see landmarks such as the Harrisburg Hospital (on your left, after the 2nd traffic light), the Crowne Plaza Hotel (on your right, after the 3rd traffic light).

Right after you go past the 3rd traffic light (which is the intersection of 2nd Street and Chestnut Street), you will see on your left a big Parking Garage (across the street from Crowne Plaza Hotel). You should turn in there (use the Garage Entrance) to park your car. It costs some money to park in the garage, but it is much easier than finding a parking meter.

The Market Square Presbyterian Church is next to that Parking Garage. The front door of the Church is on Second Street. But the back door is on South River Street, which is a small street between 2nd and Front Streets.

After you come out of the Parking Garage, walk to the back door of the Church. You will see on your left, a sign that says “ International Service Center ”.

Ring the bell, we will open the door from inside for you. Go down the stairway, you will see a very big room. We will be there to welcome you.