Thanh Long Pagoda Scholarship

Published December 20, 2017

Name of Facility:      Mái Ấm Tình Thương Kim Chi (Chùa Long Thạnh)

Address:                    K3 – Ố, 6/115 Nguyễn Trung Trực Thành Phố: Thủ Thừa, Tỉnh: Long An

Administrator:           Thượng tọa Thích Quảng Tâm

Services:                    Room and board, basic health care, education (from primary to secondary) counseling, and training (arts and crafts).

Beneficiaries:           200+ Orphans and abandoned children from poor families.

Critical Needs:          Scholarship opportunities

Amount Donated:    $500.00 (12/20/2017)

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