Food Alliances Best Practices Convening

Published June 20, 2017

Location: Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center

Date: June 20, 2017

Representing the ISC, Phuong and Tuan attended the Food Alliances Best Practices Convening  on Tuesday June 20, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center.  This special event was made possible by the PA Governor Tom Wolf’s Food Security Partnership Initiative.  First Lady Frances Wolf kicked off the event with her “Joining Forces to Fight Hunger in Pennsylvania” speech, followed by a series of panel presentations addressing various topics including “Establishing a Local Food Alliance”, “Addressing Vulnerable Populations”, “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program”, Improving Access to Nutrition Foods”.  These panel presentations were made by recognized representatives of the public and private sectors from across the state of Pennsylvania.  Many state government officials served as Moderators for the panel presentations including Dr. Loren Robinson (Deputy Secretary, Dept. of Health), Dr. Pedro Rivera (Secretary, Dept. of Education), Ms. Heather Hallman (Special Advisor to the Secretary, Dept. of Human Services), Mr. Russell Redding (Secretary, Dept. of Agriculture), and Mr. Rick Vilello, (Deputy Secretary, Dept. of Community & Economic Development).  On behalf of the ISC, Tuan proudly shared our best practices on “How the ISC work with immigrant communities with Limited English proficiency to connect them to the various nutrition programs offered by the commonwealth”.

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