Naturalization Clinic

Published September 28, 2017

As a part of the PA Is Ready! Project – an initiative of the Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition (PICC) – the ISC in partnership with Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center (PIRC) has conducted a Naturalization Clinic on Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 2:00pm to 7:45pm.  The purpose of that Naturalization Clinic was to provide individualized legal assistance to long-term immigrants who had difficulty in meeting the specific naturalization eligibility requirements.  Thanks to the wonderful work of PIRC’s pro bono attorneys including Christina Jackson, Ryan Brunsink, Sarah Martin-Torres, and Alexa Siegel, and with the efficient support of ISC’s dedicated staff and volunteers, the Naturalization Clinic had produced 21 naturalization application packages for 21 grateful immigrants from 13 different countries around the world.  Thank you, PA Is Ready! team for a job well done!

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